Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Timelines: Rhythms and Relationships

The master index of timeline categories and their member rhythms which have been, or will be, addressed in Solares. Links to relevant posts provided are followed by the type of embodiment rhythm in parenthesis () they were performed relative to.

Contratiempo Backbeat Timeline
Congatumbao antico rhythm
Conga: tumbao moderno rhythm
Embodiment: bolero rhythm

Atiempo Downbeat Timeline
Bass: tumbao, matancera variant
Embodiment: guaguancó rhythm
Embodiment: salsa rhythm
Maracasson variant

Upbeat Timeline
Timbales: cáscara rhythm
Timbales: timbale bell rhythm
Tresguajeoson montuno rhythm

Clave Timeline
Bass: tumbaoson montuno variant
Caüa brava: catá rhythm
Clave: son variant
Clave: rumba variant
Congaguaguancó rhythm, Havana variant
Congaguaguancó rhythm, Matanzas variant
Motif: cinquillo
Motif: tresillo

Composite Timeline
Bongómartillo rhythm
Congaa caballo rhythm
Conga: songo rhythm


Loo Yeo

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