Sunday, May 22, 2016

Return to the Bolero and on to the Promised Land

Last Tuesday, solares made a return to the bolero after a hiatus of two years. The workshop was small: comprised equally of those whom had done it before, and those for whom it would be their first experience of it, so the time was right.

The impetus behind this was the torneo content of the previous few weeks. It had reached that stage where 'drivers' needed to improve their:
  • visualisation of line of dance
  • implementation of line of dance
  • silence in the frame (reducing the transmission of movement vibration to the torneo partner)
  • sensitivity to the torneo partner's vertical axis of rotation
Torneo partners needed to develop their:
  • foot-bearing - the pivoting contact point on the floor
  • core strength
  • sensitivity to the driving partner's lead, to distinguish between orbital and axial lead information
Both sides needed the rhythmic dance space to gain a gentler touch to their musicality. All these, I began to see progress in. However the most wonderful thing, for me as educator, was the validation of the exercise begun two years ago. It took the experienced dancers just one song to get back in the flow of things, a telling sign that naturalisation had been achieved. Moreover they all danced displaying a strong connection with the music, something they happily (and with some surprise) admitted to.

This opens the way to the promised land of articulation and synthesis - firstly in the use of space, and afterwards in the interpretation of rhythm. I'm also intrigued as to what extent the experienced dancers might catalyse the development those new to the genre.

Loo Yen Yeo

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