Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Loo's Three Simple Steps To Bolero Success

Step 1: Perfect your synchrony between your vocalisation of "gung-ging-gung, pak, pak" and your hip movement.
You should feel the most pressure through the soles of your feet at "ging"
You should feel the most stretch around the outside of your hips at the second "gung"
Do this without music

Step 2: Listen to Bolero Teaching CD1 and pick out the tracks where "gung-ging-gung" is clearest.
Listen for the drums' "gung-ging-gung" sound
Synchronise your "gung-ging-gung" vocalisation with the drums' "gung-ging-gung" sound

Step 3: Hips, vocals and bolero song all-together
Listen for the drums' "gung-ging-gung" sound
Synchronise your "gung-ging-gung" vocalisation with the drums' "gung-ging-gung" sound
Synchronise your hip movements to your "gung-ging-gung" vocalisation AND the drums' "gung-ging-gung" sound

Easy Peasy :-D