Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Salsa Situation Report: Christmas Eve 2008

Oooh! So much on my plate, and I'm not talking turkey either (you have to forgive the pun, it's Christmas). Haven't done one of these since October, so... a no-longer-mental note of things to do:

For Conjunto Laloma
  • I-IV-V-IV montuno progressions (minor) on guitar;
  • music for 'Monton de estrellas';
  • end sequence for 'El carretero'; and
  • lyrics of 'Lágrimas negras'.
For 4 de Diciembre
  • lyrics for 'Colombia, mi corazón' and 'Xiomara';
  • revise songo rhythms on congas;
  • explore songo con marcha rhythms further; and
  • work on Afro 6/8 rhythms for vocals.
For Personal Development
  • refresher study of "Divine Utterances" for book review;
  • study "La Lucha for Cuba" for book review;
  • practice dancing son (contratiempo) and son montuno (to clave only);
  • more Great Scale and Messa di voce vocal practices (sigh!); and
  • learn "Tiempo para el amor" on guitar in preparation for recording project.
I'd put more down but it's already looking a tad optimistic. Christmas IS a time of music and dance.

Not veg-ing in front of the tv,

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