Monday, June 19, 2006

An Embarrasment of Riches

No, I haven't forgotten about blogging, but living the salsa life-style is keeping me busier than I could have imagined.

The biggest relief and satisfaction is delivering the two chapters on the Puerto Ricans in salsa after a several year wait. I'm still anticipating the delivery of materials for the ear-training tutorials; a matter that is not quite in my hands.

But the things that are, such as the tutorials on body movements, a short history of the plena, and the chapter on Colombian salsa, are being attended to. Given the business-related things I've got looming, I'm afraid all bets are off regarding timelines.

The smart person would get a clone grown to help out.

Inconveniently, the local clone-shoppe has just upped its prices to exorbitant levels due to rising energy costs.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Salsa website update: 5th June 06

I can't believe that it's been a week since I watched the film, and blogged.

Time seems to be zipping by, what with the writing pace hotting up as I come to the finishing line on the History of Boricuas in Salsa. Actually, it's done.

But before I put it up, I've got to make room for it on the site; which means editing the subsequent sections that had overlapping material. So I'm sorry, but some of you eager readers will have to wait a little while longer (but not that much longer). It'll be a relief, and with no small amount of personal satisfaction when it does go live, as I've been aching to balance out the section for a few years now.

The website development list now looks like:

That's on top of the band and dancing.

Does anyone have a life they're not living to the full and wouldn't mind donating some extra few hours to me?

Loo Yen Yeo